Clarity at last on payments in the construction sector

At least in England and Wales In January 2017, the Sheriff Appeal Court issued a decision about rights to payment under a Construction Contract, in Trilogy Services Scotland Limited v Windsor Residential. Read More


Under Pressure: Natural Justice in Adjudication

Adjudication is a ‘fast track’ dispute resolution procedure, which has legislative backing for the Construction sector; and forms a central tool to facilitate cash-flow for its stakeholders. Like all adjudicative processes, the Adjudication process must satisfy the requirements of Natural Justice. The core of those requirements is procedural fairness. . Read more


The Governor’s Responsibility

In October 2015, the chairman and governing board of Glasgow Clyde College were removed from office by the Scottish Government and replaced by a new board. According to Ministers, there had been "repeated incidences of failure relating to governance". Read more


Update: ISG & your right to payment

The decision in ISG was confirmed in Galliford Try Building Ltd v Estura [2015] EWHC 412 (TCC) where the Defender sought to rely on the decision in ISG, to show that in the circumstances it had been deprived of a remedy. Read more


The New CDM Regulations

The new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 came into force on 6 April 2015. Read more

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