Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery is the process of collecting unpaid invoices.

It may be used where credit terms have been exceeded and the debtor won’t pay. It should not be used for situations where there is a reasonable dispute about something.

Sometimes, you may not know if a debtor is legitimately disputing payment at the time when the invoice becomes overdue. In such cases, you may want to use our Debt Recovery service.

Usually the first stage of the process is for us to send a letter to the debtor stating the value of the outstanding debt and that, if not paid within a set period of time, then we will proceed to raise court action. This way, debtors can settle quickly and there is then no need to take the matter further. Should payment not be made, then a claim can be raised in court. Depending on the response from the debtor, they can either defend the claim or apply to the court to pay the debt by instalments.

At Taylor Law we also specialise in a variety of Dispute Resolution Mechanisms. Therefore, should a dispute eventually develop we can provide you with continued support, seeking a commercially viable solution suitable to your needs.

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