Insolvency Support

We act for clients who owe money, and for creditors who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining payment from customers.

Cash flow can be a major concern for any business.  A lack of cash flow puts growth at risk and can see an end to years of hard work.  By taking positive steps to protect cash flow you may gain a competitive advantage:

  • by ensuring that payments are collected; and
  • by protecting your business against the demands of its creditors.

The law of insolvency can provide useful tools both to the debtor and the creditor.

At Taylor Law, we appreciate the years of hard work involved in growing your business.  We know that cash flow is its life-blood.  We have the experience and capability to advise on all aspects of insolvency including liquidation, administration and sequestration.

There may be genuine disputes contributing to the cash-flow problems of your business.  The range of services that we offer allows us to assist you in the commercial resolution of such disputes, so that your cash flow may be enhanced.

  Contact us if you are not getting paid, face cash flow problems, or are being threatened with insolvency proceedings.


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