Signing a contract can be the step which moves your concept into reality.  It can be tempting to pass over the fine detail, or to throw the contract into a drawer.  You trust each other: what can possibly go wrong?

However, the contract determines rights and obligations and in that way risk is allocated.  The allocation must be reasonable and the terms upheld, otherwise dispute may be inevitable.

Whatever type of contract you are thinking of entering into, it is crucial to obtain good legal advice. You should be comfortable that you know what you are getting into; that you know how to operate the contract in your interests; and that you know the routes available to resolve any disagreements quickly and efficiently.

Consequently, if you have entered into a contract and are now finding yourself in difficulties, it is vital to have a solicitor who can fight your corner in the interpretation of the terms.

If you are looking to contract with a tradesman or a supplier of goods, the team at Taylor Law can help you ensure that you are fairly represented in the terms of the contract.

Alternatively, if a dispute has already arisen we can assist in resolving your dispute and getting things back on track.

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